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Intro to Coding for Designers is an entry-level class that teaches designers the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Students will be led through a series of experiments that demonstrate conceptual knowledge of code, designed to be applied to future web projects.

To guide our study, we’ll ask questions like, what can code contribute to our skillsets that other tools/methods cannot? What is the relationship between the design world and the World Wide Web? What parallels can be drawn between the development process and our non-browser-based design processes? Expect a lively session of evening classes, a group of peers and an open learning environment. Read More →

About the Instructor

Talia Cotton is a designer and coder who specializes in the intersection of brand identities and technology. She leads digital design, strategy and development at The Original Champions of Design.

About the Space

XXXI (‘Thirty-One’) is (1) a mixed-use project space for designers to pursue self-initiated or non-commercial work, (2) a shared studio space, and (3) an online (and sometimes physical) store.

Summer Session


July 17 – August 21,




(East Village)


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I design stuff.

The course is catered to people who are interested in design.

I don’t yet know how to code.

What’s the difference between <head> and <body> in HTML?

What’s a CSS Class?

What’s a javascript library?

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I'm ready for some rapid learning.

The course is six weeks. Be prepared to learn a lot!

I'll do my homework.

There's a few hours of homework each week. Like most coders, the more you do, the more you learn.